Crossover News: Bryan AdamsMuseum tour worldwide

Over the last two years, the museum exhibitions of works by Bryan Adams have been seen by more than 200.000 people in Moscow, Dallas, Hamburg Düsseldorf, Vienna, Mainz and Calgary. The photographs exhibited under the title "EXPOSED" have attracted highly positive reviews. Equally well received were the pictures of the photographer's "Wounded: The Legacy of War" project. It portrays young British soldiers who have suffered life-changing injury in Iraq and Afghanistan or during training. Both exhibitions have already been booked by numerous museums for the period up to February 2015 and will be on display in Ulm, Klagenfurt, London, Lisbon and Quebec. 


Exhibition until 31st July 2014.Mary McCartney

Crossover presents ‘Developing by Mary McCartney’, a new exhibition showcasing unseen images of celebrated British photographer Mary McCartney. This exhibition will showcase her intimate perspective on the lives of those she photographs from the worlds of fashion, music and entertainment, including, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bjork, and Kate Moss. At the heart of the exhibition is a series of images that provide a window into#§# the lives of world’s most influential women including Tracey Emin, Beth Ditto, Naomi Campbell and Sam Taylor-Wood. The exhibition is open until 31st July 2014.

Crossover NewsThe Kate Moss Art Project

On behalf of Gert Elfering (the proud owner of one of the largest collections of fine art photography in the world) and Kate Moss, Crossover has created a unique art estate featuring the work of 40 of the world’s most influential names in international photography and fine art. Christie’s held in London a large Kate Moss Auction in September 2013 (have a look here!). They will then be shown at various venues around the globe.

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